Sunday, April 10, 2011

A week of discovery

  1. You don’t have to spend a fortune to start backyard beekeeping.
  2. Marua (Maah-rua) Road, Ellerslie.  What a great street.  My new favourite lunch spot, my new favourite food store and a second hand bookshop all in a few hundred metres.
  3. Mexican Specialities – cafe and Mexican importer – YUUUMMM!
  4. Asian food wholesaler / retailer: Shaji’s Spices.  These guys have every kind of seed, pulse and spice under the sun, at great prices and they’re just passionate about their food.  And they get five deliveries of fresh Indian bread a day.  Five.  How cool is that?
  5. Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower has (thick) glass panels in the floor of the observation deck so you can walk over hundreds of metres of thin air.  Which might have been a problem for me if I hadn’t already discovered...
  6.  I can overcome my fear of heights.  Tree Adventures.  Fun and sore arms.
  7. Auckland Council gives 2 hours worth of consultation free about improving the energy efficiency and healthiness of your home.  And then EECA give grants for things like insulation materials and workmanship.  But we all knew that already, right?
  8. Wool insulation just isn’t as good as fibreglass, inch for inch.  L
  9. A great Italian pizzeria in central Auckland.  Real pizza.  At last.  Thank goodness.  These guys are super friendly too.
  10.  Medievo: an Age-of-Empires-esque computer game which I can play within my browser.  That could cause much distraction...