Sunday, February 21, 2010

My first bad day

All that tension from my last days in Italy spilt over when we ran into technical difficulties.  Several problems crept up on me at once.

Lovely views - but no internet

My mobile didn't pick up what little reception there was in Warkworth with the new Sim card that Ross had got me.  My old tank of a laptop died, cutting us off from the internet.  My final earnings - and therefore our entire worldly monies - didn't quite make it over with me.  I'd been so stressed when I'd done the transfer in the moments before leaving that I'd entered the information wrongly.  I needed another code from Ross's bank in NZ, but it was a bank holiday, then the weekend, then I had to wait for it to be Monday morning in Europe, then the internet cafes were shut so I couldn't call the currency transfer company, hence another twelve hours'wait before the transfer could even begin...

Great spot for birdwatching, but not a great spot to be penniless

We needed food and other supplies but had no money.  I couldn't call anyone.  We weren't within walking distance of any amenities - apart from fabulous views that is.  I couldn't drive, so I was reliant on Ross's patience if I wanted to go to town.  I felt trapped and miserable.  Furious with Ross - even though it wasn't his fault - for not making it all work.

*   *   *

Things sorted themselves out slowly.   My mobile works in Auckland.  The money arrived and we bought a new computer (though even then the first one we bought was faulty and we had another 3-hour round trip to Auckland the next day to replace it.  The shop refunded the petrol though, so that was okay).

The city of sails: Auckland from the Harbour Bridge

To treat ourselves we had a yummy (veggie)burger from BurgerFuel (highly recommended - nine out of ten) and went to see Avatar at the Imax (very nice - eight out of ten).  I started to see some of the good sides to living in New Zealand.

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