Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It’s official! We are now both employed. Ross as an “offsider” (not a bad guy in football, but someone who helps with removals) and I’m a research manager in a market research agency. We’re both happy with our new colleagues and we’re working fairly close together, so we drive to work in the morning together.

The driving has been the biggest challenge for me up to now. Although I’m sticking to major roads to get to work (and really there are only three long roads I need to take) I still have to concentrate hard to make sure I’m in the right lane and don’t miss my exits. There’s lots of traffic, but it moves fast, so timing isn’t a problem. We drive for about 45 minutes in total, including stopping to let Ross out.

I pulled onto the right side of a quiet road yesterday. The shame! The driver coming the other way must’ve thought I was nuts! I messed up a couple of times at right turns – New Zealanders have this crazy rule that someone turning right (i.e. crossing the lane coming the other way) goes before someone in the opposite lane who’s turning into the same street. It makes sense for traffic flow, because the chap turning right doesn’t hold up the traffic for as long, but it’ll take time to get used to.

The right-turn rule, courtesy of

In Italiano!  Impieghati!
Ross ed io abbiamo dei lavori!  Ross fa il trasloco e io faccio il research manager ad un'agenzia delle ricerche di mercato.  Siamo entrambi contenti con i nostri nuovi colleghi.  Ci andiamo insieme nella nuova macchina.
Giudare e' stato una sfida per me.  C'e' molto traffico e devo concentrarmi molto per non perdermi ne' usare la corsia sbagliata.
Sono uscita sul lato sbagliato della strada ieri - che vergogna!  Il conducente che veniva dall'altra parte mi considera sicuramente pazza!  Hanno inoltre una regola strana di svolgere a destra - non riesco ad abituarmi.

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