Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Authorities 3 : Sue & Ross 0

Ross got our first speeding ticket this morning - for travelling at 95km/h on a motorway that had a temporary limit of 70km/h.  Ironic, considering that I can't usually get over 20km/h on that motorway due to traffic - you'd think they could let us enjoy the freedom of the accelerator given a clear road for once.
So the running total of road fines:
Towage when on road parking became clearway (a job centre appt overran):   $130
Towage from a shop carpark at night when the shop was shut:    $220
Speeding ticket:     $170
Total:     $520
It is a nanny state.  Thank goodness we can afford it.


  1. You were warned! Get used to it. Love, Dad. (Are you aiming for some kind of record?)

  2. Good God! It makes the blue meanies pale in comparison!