Friday, April 9, 2010

Frogs, flower beds and feijoas

So much to tell!
It's been such a busy week that I haven't had a moment to write down all the thoughts flowing through my head like a streamgraph.  It's been a week of truly lovely evenings in the greenness of Titirangi with Sandy, Billie and Moeanu (yes, I loved it guys, despite the mozzie menace!), a week of getting back to my heartland in terms of work, and then seeing new horizons in the fascinating field of data visualisation, and, very excitingly, the week when our first little seedlings went into the raised bed.
So much to tell, so I'll try to show instead - here are my pics.

In italiano!: Rane, l'orto e i feijoa
C'e' tanto da raccontare!
E' stata una settimana cosi' piena che non avevo un momento per buttare giu' i pensieri che scorrono nel mio cervello come un streamgraph.  C'erano delle serate bellissime nel verde di Titirangi con Sandy, Billie e Moeanu (si', mi piaceva nonostante le zanzare!).  C'era il ritorno al mio lavoro basilare di ricerche, e poi, il vedere di nuovi orrizonti nel campo della visualazione di data.  Con grande anticipazione, c'era inoltre l'inseminazione dell'orto.
Con cosi' tanto da descrivere, cerco invece di mostrarlo - ecco le mie foto.

Auckland's skyline at night on one of our evenings out - the highest bit is the Skytower which changes colour to suit the occasion
(I'm not sure what red signifies!)

Titirangi sky - we spent two lovely evenings in Sandy's wonderfully welcoming home

The first question all guests are asked is: "Can you play the frog?"  We did our best

It turned out to be easier than playing the didgeridoo

Some champion cooking and baking went down, and I also tried feijoas for the first time

Meanwhile, back at the office I've been closely following some data visualisation sites, and I'm loving this fab discipline.  I'm more interested in making data as intuitive as possible, but there are also more artistic and fun applications, like this Amaztype - a site that makes words out of Amazon's books on a given topic - in this case New Zealand.  Have a play.  
I also promised an update on the veggie garden - well, Ross' dad kindly waited for my arrival before finishing the raised bed.  We planted all our tiny seedlings - although the beetroots don't look too perky! - and I feel a certain motherly pride in the results.

Veggie garden (t = 0 days)

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  1. Love it. Would be nice to see some pics of you both too xxx