Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mount Eden

Things have been too rainy to be fun here in Auckland.  Then again, it seems like most of the South Island is under floodwater, which might be less fun.
In a rare hour of sunshine, I walked up Mount Eden.  Despite it being 8am, it was rather crowded up there!  (I felt a twinge of superiority, however, for my early morning effort, when I saw the coaches which had carried most people up there.)
Meanwhile my quest to appreciate Auckland food continues.  Dinner disappoints - my moussaka in a Turkish restaurant seemed to be topped with Smash.  Given that the topping was about two-thirds of the moussaka, this was particularly unfortunate.  But if an Auckland chef is asked to cook before lunchtime, they excel!  Breakfast here is of a quality you would expect in only the most spectacular British coffee houses.  Maybe they're just morning people...
Some pics:

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