Monday, September 20, 2010

Fantastic Whangarei

A weekend in Whangarei with the girls was my first excursion into Northland - the uppermost region of New Zealand.  At 2-3 hours from Auckland, it's a nice spot to relax for the weekend, and relax we did.  There were country walks, shopping, cafes, arty films, bubbly in the jacuzzi... all in all a great girly weekend.  
Best of many laughs which filled the weekend was had at my expense.  It turns out that even moving somewhere like New Zealand can lead to linguistic bloomers (I should be used to it after getting mixed up between tetti (roofs) and tette (tits) in Italy!).  In Maori language, wh is usually pronounced f.  So fantastic Whangarei is alliterative.  One of the most interesting monuments of Whangarei is a stone waka (canoe) and wave.  Instead I called it a whaka.  Try saying it out loud.  The laughter was heard as far as Auckland.
Here are the snaps.

View from the deck
Stone waka figurehead
Scary-looking shag: "Behind you!!"
A (not so) well-earned rest
Big smiles!
Big wave!
More smiles!
Whangarei is a little bit twee
Sub-tropical canopy
Mangrove... where's the ladygrove?
Wearable art
Spring light on camelia
Pretty lilies
That well-known garden predator - the tree fish

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