Sunday, January 2, 2011


I resolve...
To give people the benefit of the doubt,
when my patience is thin and time's running out.
To find a cure for itchy bites,
to keep the cat medicated for fleas and mites.
To climb a mountain, at least just the one,
to indulge myself less and get more done.
To be more efficient in how things are run,
to be ordered and timely and not jump the gun.
To cook fifty new dishes, at least one a week,
using more parsley and cabbage and leek,
To buy new handbags and high heels,
to dress smarter for meetings and restaurant meals.
To enjoy the moment, spend more time with friends,
to make the most of the present before it ends.
In short I'll do everything I ought to do,
And be calm and grateful and tolerant too,
At least until March when the rain starts to fall,
By then I intend to have forgotten it all!

New Year's Day camping under Mount Taranaki

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