Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The straw that broke it

Almost two weeks after finding out about the mistaken form, we have got the new form completed.  Kinda.

There are some difficult questions, for example:
  • "I attach evidence that my partner and I are not close relatives.  Yes/No." 
    What exactly counts as evidence that two people are NOT related is not clear.  I'm hoping birth certificates are enough
Then there was getting Ross' signature witnessed by an official person again.  What a pain.

Still, the embassy seems to have softened its tone a little - maybe they realised we weren't quite so thick after all.  They just want the new forms, they say.

Given that the post here takes a little over a week, I thought it best to bring the form in person - the train fare costs about the same as registered post anyhow.  However, since I'm working, Ross would've had to do it, and he (after getting us up at the crack of dawn to go to the station and complaining lots) decided it would be better to post it.  The logic escapes me.

So, we're still not any further.  I'm sick of it all.

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