Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back (and a kick in the teeth too)

Application submitted, delivery receipt received, and a phonecall to the embassy to confirm they did actually mean it when they said 3-4 weeks processing time...  I was starting to feel like we might be on track.

And then a nasty email from the Embassy, the upshot of which is that we'd got mixed up between two types of application.

After spending a day feeling miserable about further delays and trying to understand the problem on the immigration NZ website, I decided to call before going any further.  I wanted to be entirely sure I was submitting the right form before going any further, and the details weren't clear on the website.

I'm still in shock at the absolute rudeness of the people there.  I mean, you have to work at it to be that nasty.

I could barely get a word in: "Yes, I did spend weeks reading your website and it doesn't say, that's why I called -",  "Yes, I appreciate that you're busy but I have read your email and I'm not asking you to repeat it to me -"  and "Yes, I now understand what the problem was and if you'd just listen to why I called for one second then maybe I'd take up a little less of your oh-so-precious time."  Oh, and by the way, I don't have unlimited amounts of time to listen to you mouth off about how stupid I am when you haven't even bothered to hear why I called.

Maybe this is what it means when the app says you have to meet the character requirements.  Stand in line to be verbally abused and then see if you've still got the will to continue applying.

Reconsidering move to NZ - place clearly contains some of the world's biggest assholes.

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