Thursday, March 11, 2010

Architecture II: Victorian Grafton

The discuss thrower on the gate of the Domain (a large park) 1930s (no. 2 on map)

As if in tune with my interest in the old buildings of Auckland, I found a leaflet on the kitchen table entitled "Grafton Heritage Trail" - a walk around the interesting buildings of my Auckland quarter.  How exciting!  I put my trainers on and left immediately.

The route from the leaflet, thanks to Grafton Residents Association

The route, made for Grafton Residents Association and sponsored by a local estate agent, is mostly houses from the mid-1800s to the 1930s.  Colonialists were prosperous in Auckland and it shows in the quality of the 100-150 year old buildings.  The quarter of Grafton was settled with a Crown Grant and a few bigwigs built their mansions here from the 1840s onward.

Huntly House 1876 (no. 10 on map)

Another grand residence was Eden Hill, which the Outhwaite family later donated to the city.  The house doesn't survive, but the garden - complete with several original trees imported by the French  Madame Outhwaite from Europe - is now Outhwaite Park.

 Outhwaite Park (no. 7 on map)

The tour also takes in more modest dwellings - some of my favourites are these colourful workers' cottages on Seafield View Road.

Seafield View Road, workmen's cottages from 1850s-60s (no. 19 on map)
I have a few more pictures I'd like to share, so I'm trying to make a slideshow for the first time.  Hope you like it!

For more info about the trail, or to tell me what you think, drop me a comment!

In italiano!: Architettura II: La quartiera Grafton di cent'anni fa

Come se qualcuno avesse sentito la mia voglia di conoscere l'architettura di Auckland, ho trovato un depliant nella casa: "Percorso storico di Grafton" - Grafton e' la quartiera di Auckland dove abito.  E' uno dei primi posti di essere colonizzati, dalla meta' del ottocento in poi.  I coloniali erano ricchi, e si costruivano dei palazzi belli a Grafton.  Il percorso ricopre anche le case meno ricche - mi piacciono queste colorate degli operai degli anni 1850-1860.
Fammi sapere che ne pensi con un commento!

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