Saturday, March 6, 2010

In Praise of the Pukeko

Pukeko spotting in downtown Auckland

This is my first attempt at putting video online, so forgive the clumsiness! 
Despite the pouring rain I enjoyed Auckland's Saturday Farmer's Market yesterday.  I saw these cheeky pukekos en route - right in the middle of the city.
I got some lovely bread - bread made the real way, sourdough and all.  To hear more about why it's so important, look at the writings of Felicity Lawrence.  I also loved the Turkish food stall - easily the nicest humus, pita and harissa I've had, and the feta was darn good too.
The veggies weren't the cheapest but they were local and seasonal, and some were organic.
A local energy company is running a series of funny ads featuring pukekos - they're a bit more amusing than mine!

*     *     *

In Italiano!: Il piacere del Pukeko
Nonostante la forte pioggia, mi sono divertita al mercato dei agricoltori nel centro di Auckland ieri.  Ho visto questi uccelli impertinenti sulla strada - proprio in centro della citta'!

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